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Shakespeare Pies is all about "family". Beginning with a few pies at a family garage sale right up until today, we always have been and always will be about our family delivering the most delectable pies to your family.

Each of our pie recipes and hand-formed crusts are made from scratch, developed by our dear Mother. Drawing from her rich Mennonite heritage of fine foods combined with her love of baking, she has buit a reputation in the community and across southern Ontario for the very best pie experience!

So from our family to yours, "Come on in and enjoy"!
A delight for your taste buds!
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What Tasty Treat Are You Craving Today?

Whether you have a sweet tooth to satisfy or an appetite for a hearty meal, we have something for you! From meat pies made with a good quantity of real meat to tasty treats like our butter tarts, you are sure to find something that will appeal to your needs.

We take great pride in what our customers have to say!

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Are you open on Sundays?
No, we are open Monday to Friday 10 am. – 6 pm, and Saturdays 10 am – 5:30 pm.
Do you sell Gift Cards?
Yes, Gift Cards are available for purchase In Store Only.
Do you deliver/ship pies?
Pies are available for Pickup in Store only. We do deliveries to a few stores in Waterloo, as well as a few other places; see our Store Locator for more info.
Do you have Strawberry and Peach Pies all year round?
These are both Seasonal pies. Strawberry Pies are available from June through mid July, and Peach Pies are available from August through the beginning of September - Based on Availability.
Do you use Lard or Butter in your Pies?
No, we use Margarine in all of our Pastry.
Are our Pies Baked?
Yes, all of our pies are fully baked! Frozen pies are also baked. Meat pies just need to be heated up before serving - instructions are on the back Nutrition label.
Are our Pies Baked in Store?
Yes! We make all of our pies, all the pastry, and all the fillings from scratch.
Do I need to place an order?
To ensure you get what you are looking for, order ahead so we can have it prepared for you -  especially on weekends. We usually have a large variety available per day if you stop by as well.