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AF Weber Summer Sausage Logo

AF Weber Summer Sausage

This family business brings hand crafted, delicious summer sausage to the Wallenstein area and beyond to Southern Ontario.

Apple Valley Farms Logo

Apple Valley Farms

Apple Valley Farm is located in Millbank, Ontario, and uses farm-fresh fruits to ensure maximum flavour. Besides delicious jams and fruit spreads, they also sell local honey and beeswax products in their family run store. 

Atwood Heritage Logo

Atwood Heritage

Atwood Heritage has been supplying homemade meat products to Southern Ontario since 1962. They draw from a wealth of years of experience and a rich Mennonite heritage to keep the flavours fresh in time-tested recipes. This results in the authentic taste that is loved by so many.

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Aunt Lena`s Preserves Logo

Aunt Lena`s Preserves

For twenty years, this local company has been bringing people the delightful flavours of home-style canning. Their exceptional products have the old-fashioned taste and natural goodness that so many are looking for. 

Baden Coffee Company Logo

Baden Coffee Company

We are proud to carry some of the best coffee you will ever find, from the Baden Coffee Company. Each small batch of beans is roasted to perfection and ground with precision. Not only is it done right here in small-town Ontario, but they only use the highest quality of organic, Fairtrade beans. So choose your brew and enjoy it, knowing that it is ethically sourced, roasted and ground by a family that loves coffee as much as you do.

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Barrie`s Asparagus Logo

Barrie`s Asparagus

Four generations ago, in 1892, the Barrie family farm was founded. Though they did not immediately begin growing asparagus, at one point they owned what was thought to be the largest asparagus farm in Ontario. Today, the Barrie Family owns and operates a market (open year-round) on their farm, where they carry all things asparagus, plus other fresh local produce, meats, cheeses, honey, maple syrup, grains, baking, preserves, eggs, and dairy.

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Bright`s Cheese Logo

Bright`s Cheese

The Bright`s Cheese company was founded in 1874, by local farmers who needed a way to utilize the extra milk from their cows. Today, the cheese is still made at the original site where the first all-natural cheeses were produced. This makes them the oldest remaining cheddar factory in all of Canada. Using 100% milk from local farms, Bright’s Cheese still has that pure, old-fashioned taste that makes for an outstanding cheese.  

Circle of Life / Grainharvest Breadhouse Logo

Circle of Life / Grainharvest Breadhouse

Grainharvest Breadhouse is dedicated to making only the best baked goods. Founded in 1989 by professionally trained bakers from Austria and Germany, they supply fresh baking to many stores across Ontario. Circle of Life was begun in 2004 as a division of Grainharvest Breadhouse specifically for those suffering from allergies to wheat and gluten. It is an entirely separate facility to ensure that no cross-contamination occurs. Allergic or not, you are bound to love these healthy, tasty products.

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Eby Manor Logo

Eby Manor

Eby Manor is a family owned dairy farm in Waterloo that specializes in Guernsey milk. Their herd of certified Dairy cows produce rich, creamy milk high in A2 protein. This protein makes it a great option for people with dairy intolerances. The milk is also GMO, hormone, and additive free, as well as pasteurized. Available in 1L ( 4.8% whole milk, chocolate milk, or 2% milk) or 500mL (chocolate milk).

Everything Nice Logo

Everything Nice

Everything Nice is a local company that specializes in homemade, healthy meal kits. You will find everything from the ordinary to the extraordinary. The recipes are all vegan and low sodium, and most are gluten free as well. Taste these homemade treats and discover that they really do contain everything nice!

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Gordon`s Goat Dairy Logo

Gordon`s Goat Dairy

Back in 2003, Gordon and Bethany Edgar found themselves with a surplus of goat milk. Rather than throwing it out, Gordon began experimenting with cheese making. A lot of research and a few tries later, he had produced a delicious recipe that everyone loved. Today, Gordon’s Goat Dairy has many different kinds of cheeses plus other goat dairy products. By only using the best natural foods for their goats, which in turn produce only the highest quality milk, Gordon and Bethany have been able to make award winning cheeses. Between Gordon, Bethany, and their son Jeremy, they handle all aspects of the business, making them truly family owned and operated.

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Guenther’s Bakery LTD Logo

Guenther’s Bakery LTD

For five generations, the Guenther family has been baking. First opening in 1894, their delicious, preservative-free baked goods have been delighting folks all across Ontario year after year. Trust us, they know what they`re doing after more than a century of perfecting their craft!  

Hope Products Logo

Hope Products

Hope is more than a nice-sounding name for these products. It is actually an acronym that stands for Healthy Organic Produce Enterprises. This ensures that each jar of homemade, locally canned goods contains only the best in taste and nutrition. 

Kawartha Dairy Logo

Kawartha Dairy

Kawartha Dairy has been family owned and operated since its beginning in 1937. They are a 100% Canadian company, using fresh milk obtained from the farms around them to create their delectable dessert. Whether you`re looking for the classics to go with your pie, or you just want a cool treat on a hot day, Kawartha Dairy ice cream will not disappoint.

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Martin`s Family Fruit Farm Logo

Martin`s Family Fruit Farm

The Martin Family has been farming for over 200 years. (Yes, you read that right; 200 years!) So they definitely know how to grow apples, though they have only been specializing in that since about 1971. With over half a million apple trees receiving the best of care in their orchards, the Martin family is focused on producing quality, wholesome fruit that tastes every bit as delicious as it is healthy.

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Mountainoak Cheese Logo

Mountainoak Cheese

The van Bergeijk family owns and runs the modern processing plant where their award-winning Gouda cheeses are made. Adam and his wife Hannie have both attended the famous cheesemaker`s school in Gouda, where the art of cheese making has been taught for over three hundred years. With the pure milk from their very own dairy farm, Adam and Hannie use traditional Dutch recipes to ensure that only the best of the best goes into the different varieties of top-class Gouda they produce.

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Nith Valley Apiaries Logo

Nith Valley Apiaries

Since 1918, Nith Valley Apiaries has been handed down through four different owners, all of whom learned something about the art of beekeeping from the previous owner.  Their beehives are all over Perth, Waterloo, and Oxford counties, and they offer raw and unpasteurized honeys and other beeswax products to many stores around them. 

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Tavistock Emu Products Logo

Tavistock Emu Products

In 1995, this local emu farm was begun, out of a passion for all-natural skin care products.  Not only do the Jantzi`s obtain pure, natural emu oil, but they also use that oil as a base to make a wide variety of hair and skin care products. There are no chemicals, synthetics, or artificial dyes or colours added to the all-natural formulas. They are also made in small batches to ensure the best results.

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Traynor’s Bakery Wholesale LTD. Logo

Traynor’s Bakery Wholesale LTD.

What started in 1948 as a warehouse and distribution business has now grown into a bakery wholesale business that delivers product to locations all across Ontario.

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Wellesley Apple Products Logo

Wellesley Apple Products

For more than 75 years, Wellesley Apple Products has been providing the community around them with high quality apple butters, ciders, and syrups. All of their products are concocted without adding any extra sugars: they are already naturally sweet!

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