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About Us

Our bakery is family owned and operated, and has been serving the Shakespeare area for years. At Shakespeare Pies we're committed to using only the finest and freshest ingredients in everything we make. You can count on us to bring you the very best in baked goods.

Our experienced bakers keep our bakery stocked with fresh fruit pies, meat pies, tarts, bread and other enticing delicacies. We are continuously developing new and exciting recipies and improving the old ones in order to maintain the wonderful baking that our customers have come to rely on.

Stop by our store, and feast your eyes on our unique creations. Or go through our website for more information about our products.
Gerry and Susie Wagler, original owners of Shakespeare Pies

Gerry and Susie Wagler

Original founders of Shakespeare Pies
When Susie decided to sell some of her delicious home-baked goods at a garage sale, little did she realize that one day this little start would turn into the dynamic family business that it is today! After that original sale they as a young family began a weekend roadside stand. In 2003 they took the opportunity to move into the present location in the Shakespeare Plaza. Today we continue to rely on Susie's expertise for recipe development and quality control.
Kenton and Bethany Plett, owners of Shakespeare Pies

Kenton and Bethany Plett

Bethany, daughter of Gerry and Susie, has always had a love for baking and has many fond memories of spending time at Shakespeare Pies with her mother and sisters. In 2010 when Gerry and Susie were ready to take a more relaxed role in the bakery it was a natural fit for us, Kenton and Bethany, to come along side and work with them. We enjoy continuing a tradition of quality baked goods!

Our Mission

Shakespeare Pies is a family owned and operated bakery, committed to providing consistent, high-quality food products. 

We, the owners of Shakespeare Pies, are recipients of God’s grace in our lives and we intend our business to reflect His image in every way possible. 

We, as a team, commit to maintaining the highest levels of (1) Product Quality (2) Customer Service and (3) Team Productivity. We will do so by remaining within the boundaries of our 12 Points of Culture at all times. 

Shakespeare Pies is committed to further growth and excellence using whatever measures available to carry our company into the future.

Shakespeare Pies’ 12 Points of Culture

1. Service
We are recipients of God’s grace and love in our lives and we believe it is our privilege to serve our fellow humans as Christ served the people around him. We do our best to recognize the needs of our co-workers, suppliers, customers, and anyone else we come in contact with and help them in any way we possibly can.
2. Ownership
We are truly responsible for our actions and outcomes and own everything that takes place in our work environment and our lives in general. We are individually accountable for our results and recognize that in order for things to change we must first change as individuals.
3. Commitment
We give ourselves and everything we commit to 100% until we succeed. We are individually committed to the Vision, Mission, Culture and success of Shakespeare Pies, its current and future team, and its customers at all times. We speak highly of Shakespeare Pies to everyone we come in contact with. We are committed to keeping the secret recipes and procedures of Shakespeare Pies in our confidence.
4. Integrity
We always speak the truth. We deliver what we promise. We meet the world head-on as upright, honest and sincere business people. We are committed to integrity even if it means we do not maximize the financial reward.
5. Balance
We promote a balanced approach to life, remembering that spiritual, social, physical and family aspects are of equal or greater value then financial and intellectual. We work diligently to complete our tasks in order to provide quality time for other activities.
6. Communication
We speak positively of our fellow team members, our customers and Shakespeare Pies in both public and private. We do not use or listen to sarcasm or gossip. All personal concerns are addressed in private with the person or persons involved. In dealing with upsets we apologize first and then look for a solution. In all of our interactions we seek first to understand, then to be understood.
7. Creativity
We embrace creativity and independent thinking. Embracing change and opportunity is what brought us to where we are today and we expect it to carry us into the future. As team members we take individual responsibility for searching out a better way in order to achieve higher levels of production, quality product and customer service.
8. Systems
We always look to a system for a solution. If a challenge arises we look for a system solution before we look for a people correction. We commit to following the systems put in place until a new system is introduced. We regularly discuss system solutions as a team and do not make major or minor changes to systems without consulting the other team members that will be affected by the change.
9. Fun
We, as children of God, have joy in our hearts and we love to express it. We view life as a journey to be enjoyed and we create an atmosphere of fun and happiness so all around us enjoy it as well.
10. Consistency
We are consistent in our actions so our clients and team mates can feel comfortable in dealing with us at all times. We are disciplined in our work so our results, growth and success are consistent. We do not allow substitutions or variations that will affect product quality in our recipes or procedures.
11. Gratitude
We are always grateful for all that we have and the many opportunities that surround us. We are grateful for the privilege of working in a friendly environment and the people around us know it. We consistently catch ourselves and others doing things right. As an expression of our gratitude, we regularly celebrate our achievements and the achievements of our team members.
12. Excellence
Good enough isn’t. We always deliver products and services of exceptional quality. We consistently give more than is expected and go the extra mile. We regularly look for ways to give more with less and stay on a path of constant improvement and innovation.